Common Winter Pool Equipment Issues In The Nashville Area

Nashville Winters

With the coming of winter as a chilling experience over the Nashville region, pool owners will have to deal with issues that may, in one way or another, affect their prized pools. There are a number of winter pool problems that can result from various factors, which include cool temperatures, reduced maintenance, and the unpredictable nature of weather. In this post, we will go into the problems that one can easily assess and fix, such as defrosted water from freezing temperatures, the growth of algae de facto not captured in their proper removal before winter cold sets in, as well as the right way to protect pool equipment.

Nashville Average Temperature Graph
USClimateData : In Nashville, there are typically two to three months where temperatures average below freezing.

Freezing Water

In Nashville, winter is associated with cold freezing temperatures, and the implication for pools is, unfortunately, a source of problems. When the temperature during freezing, therefore, drops below zero degrees Celsius, water within pools can freeze, potentially breaking down structures and plumbing facilities. The growth of ice can cause cracks in walls and pools, pipes, as well as equipment. However, with the advent of the harsher winter freeze, it is therefore on pool owners to take precautions and safeguard their swimming pools against harsh freezes.

Freezing Water Solutions

You must winterize by evacuating additional water from the pool and complying with appropriate antifreeze solutions like propylene glycol-based RV antifreeze or a commercial pool line antifreeze product. This is in the process of curbing ice deposition and consequent destruction. You must purchase high-quality outside covers to prevent the water from undergoing direct touch with low temperatures. Protection from a crappy cover alone is not as advantageous as having good covers that act like protections against ice-related damages.

Algae Growth

During frost, one may be inclined to the wrong assumption that the growth of algae regularly comes to a stop. Nevertheless, the effect of cooler winters does not similarly kill algae in the case of Nashville, where they grow normally. When pool owners return to the scene after a long cold season, they find a green, slimy pool that could be harboring other things.

How to Get Rid of Algae Growth:

In the winter, cleaning is also necessary, but only periodic washing is necessary when hot water appears in a hot tub, making losses even more. Check the surface layer of pool water by skimming, vacuuming litter, and wall brushing to prevent algae growth. You can also include algaecide treatments such as Liquid Algaecide in winter activities that require pool care. This chemical substance serves as an inhibitor for algae growth, therefore ensuring that the water stays free from any aqua vegetative forms in preparation for the coming swimming season.

Equipment Freezing

Winterization requires more than damage to pool equipment such as pumps, filters, and heaters but also the water lines and even just parts of the plumbing system. What happens in most cases is that water left contained with such components freezes and creates cracks and other forms of damage.

Equipment Freezing Solutions

Have all items that are related to the pool well enough winterized before the arrival of winter. You must perform periodic checks of the pool equipment during winter and in autumn if there are signs of freezing or damage, or you can call the professional of Aqua X Quisite and let them assist you. If you are quick to repair or replace these repairs before spring arrives, it can save you from fixing them in order to prevent expensive damages.

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